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Capital Baptist Deaf College is privileged to provide biblical training under the ministry of Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church. The college exists to educate men and women for the Christian ministries, which is pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists, church workers & leaders, counselors, and church planters in the Word of God and the methods of the local, New Testament Baptist church to be academically and intellectually competent in his chose field of study.

  • Capital Baptist Deaf College is recognized by the Maryland Higher Education Commission as a religious degree granting institution in the State of Maryland.

  • For international students, who will take or already took test of English Proficiency Test (TOEFL). Please use our institution code number 8858. You can find us on http://www.ets.org/toefl/


Capital Baptist Deaf College is excited to announce an experimental online program beginning on November 18, 2013 for those who cannot afford to enroll at CBDC in person. If you are interested in taking one or two, or if you want, take all of the online courses offered below, please contact me for more information. A video conferencing program will be used to teach and talk with students in ASL

The video conferencing software is ooVoo, please check ooVoo's website, http://www.oovoo.com/home.aspx, to see if your computer meets ooVoo's system requirements. A high-speed internet service is recommended in order to have a smooth picture being transmitted over online. It is the responsibility of any prospective student to ensure he or she is able to obtain and meet the system requirements set forth by ooVoo.

We do provide flexible schedules for those who are working and want to take up online courses in their spare time. Not only that, we also aim to meet the foreign students' schedule as they live in different time zones. Such accommodations will be met to the best of CBDC's ability

CBDC is wrapping up its first ever online course at the end of May. However, we are offering another online course that will runs through the rest of summer. The online course offered this summer is Discipleship.

Each credit hour costs $130. The textbook costs average $45. Additional fees apply as well.

  • Discipleship - 2 credits ($260+$45=$305)
  • Old Testament Survey  - 3 credits ($390+$45=$435)
  • Western Civilization History - 3 credits ($390+$45=$435)
  • English 101 - 3 credits ($390+$45=$435)
  • Bible Manners  Customs - 2 credits ($260+$45=$305)
  • Evangelism - 2 credits ($260+$45=$305)

The online course, Discipleship, will start on either June 21 or 28, depending on how many students are interested in taking this online course. It will run through July and end possibly before Labor Day.

Please contact Dan Nemeth, CBDC Registrar at hvbdc@aol.com for more information. If you are interested in signing up for this online course.

If interested, you can download the student application on this website. The application was originally for the physical enrollment at our Bible college; however, you can use that to apply for enrollment in our online course program. Thank you for your interest in CBDC's online program. God bless you all.


It is our burden to establish 150 Independent Fundamental Baptist churches for the Deaf in the United States of America through our Bible College program. We feel that our country needs a proper foundation of strong Deaf churches to continually send missionaries to the Deaf. Our location near Gallaudet University (the only university for the Deaf in the world) gives us the unique opportunity to win many educated and young Deaf souls to Christ. 


Capital Baptist Deaf College
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